2 thoughts on “Coily”

  1. Good job, and keep it up! Hubby is a programmer/field tech/”THE computer guy”, so I know this isn’t an easy field. Fun, certainly! Needed, especially now!! So good luck, and love what you do what you love.


  2. I saw your piece on MSNBC-TV @ 7:50am today,Monday, 09/01/2014. I’m a nearly 70-yr-old retired black woman who came up in the MS/DOS era. The grand kids insisted I get at least an apple 4S iPhone, so here I am today, struggling to try to keep current. Can I get your app now with a 4S iPhone & iPad? Your philosophy and product are impressive. I love what you Christian kids are doing. I live on my social security, retirement pension, and some savings. Still, I’d like to donate whatever I can to help you youngsters. I’m so proud of your achievement.

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