35 thoughts on “Mobile App: Five-0”

  1. Can’t wait until all you young smart people launch the Five -O app. I want it on my phone. It’s the newest, best idea since Facebook was invented. Thank you. Your making history!!!!

          1. And will the information database be the same for the andriod and IOS users. Like when someone submits a report on the andriod one will it carry over to the IOS users app?

          2. Thanks! We have the IOS build complete. We’re just going through Apple’s administrative approval process. In the mean time, signup on our pre-launch notification list.

      1. Hey I really hope that you make this for laptops I think what you have done is awesome just hope we can have it on our laptops.
        Thanks so much.

    1. Is there a field for at least race of the person reporting? I know many police officers are super nice to white people while violent towards black people, and the way this is spreading on tumblr, you’re going to have a ton of people of all races using it.nn1

  2. Brilliant idea! Perhaps the splash screen should include the phrase “I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY SEARCH” and helpful tips from the ACLU on an individual’s rights(?)

  3. We need this app for iPhone, too, please!
    you all rock, love this idea and teens taking action towards a better future, for the whole country. Very forward thinking!

  4. Burning Man starts in a week. The cell reception is lousy there but this could be an area that will benefit from your app.

      1. Love to see anyone putting their heads together to come up with solutions! Way to go! Too many people want to point at others as “the problem” instead of solving problems. Helping to solve one problem at a time will continue to improve the world. Many thanks to you for your forward thinking!

  5. Just read about your new app over at Liberals Unite:


    Seems like these days, we have so many problems yet most people are too busy talking in circles or spewing hateful insults and lies to think up any solutions …

    So, congratulations on your new app and thank you for creating it.

    Sounds like a GREAT idea that has the potential to really HELP a lot of people.

    I really hope so … also that it becomes CRAzY-successful so you can go on thinking up MORE great stuff!

  6. I think what you guys are doing is phenomenal!! Every police officer I have ever come into contact with seems to feel they are above the law, as if they have a God complex or something. To a judge a police officer’s word is gospel! I applaud the founders and creators of this app and very much look forward to the IOS version of the app. Well done, keep up the good work! =)

  7. Brilliant idea! Definitely a much needed app. I think this is a great application of technology that will help many people. Hope to see the iOS version soon! Like others here mentioned, a regular website version would be useful too for anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone.

  8. I love this idea, I don’t have iOS iPhone or an Android phone. I am windows phone user. Bring Five-O app to windows phone too please!

  9. Downloading to raise your count, even though I’m pretty sure France will find it illegal or something (we have pretty tight laws about the recording of information…)

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